What is a #Fliphunt?

Recently, Jenallee was able to participate in our very first #Fliphunt activity while we were attending the MIE Expert and Showcase School Leadership Summit during our time in Florida while attending FETC. A #Fliphunt is an engaging lesson format that uses Flipgrid as a platform for a scavenger hunt type activity. Students respond to challenges in various ways on the provided Flipgrid. Talk about ENGAGEMENT!!

  • Motivates reluctant learners
  • Fun formative assessment
  • Offers differentiation
  • Encourages strategy
  • Provides opportunities for collaboration
  • FUN!

We love the competition aspect that #Fliphunts provide.

We had so much fun during our first #Fliphunt that we created a few #Fliphunts of our own to use in our presentations at TCEA the very next week.

Presenting #Fliphunts at TCEA was a huge success, so we knew this was something we had to share with our teachers right away. We started by creating a fun activity for our CTI (Campus Technology Integrator) meeting so that they could go back and share the Flipgrid #Fliphunt love with their campuses. I’d say they are big fans πŸ‘‡!

We know that your teachers will love Fliphunts as much as we do. Read Kathi Kersznowski’s blog to learn more about how she coined the term “#Fliphunt” and how she has been sharing the #Fliphunt ❀ everywhere. And be sure to subscribe and follow her on social media. She’s amazing!

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