#Jenallee Gets Back to Basics with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the mecca of collaboration


That’s right… You read that quote correctly! We believe that Microsoft Teams is the “Mecca” of collaboration.

What is a Mecca? Well, according to vocabulary.com ” A mecca is a place that attracts people to it.”

Boom 💥

Drop the mic 🎤

“Micrsoft Teams is the mecca of collaboration” is so fitting. The tools built in to Teams naturally attract people to use them to collaborate.

We frequently hear the question “Is Teams an LMS?” The answer is simply 👉no. Why? Because Teams offers a space for students to truly collaborate and create. Many of the LMS’s we have had experience with are missing these features. They are typically designed to assign and retrieve work from students, while Teams allows for you to assign, retrieve, collaborate, communicate, create, & learn all from within this one application.

In addition, Microsoft Teams is:

  • Easy to use
  • Offers familiar Microsoft tools
  • Offers easy access to other favorite applications
  • Acccessible for each and every student (Learning Tools built in!)
  • Free

Check out this episode of The Jenallee Show to hear what Justin Chando, the Principal Product Manager with Microsoft Education, has to say about Microsoft Teams! Find out what’s new in Teams, the different features available, and how Chando sees Microsoft Teams benefiting all educators.

As you can tell we love Microsoft Teams. Jeni and I have really enjoyed using this application to connect classrooms and students to the world with collaboration projects. We were honored to share our experience and fandom of Teams with the TeacherCast podcast followers. Hear how we are using Teams in our district. Learn about how it works, what you can do with it, how students use it, and how OneNote works with Teams.

Ready to dive in to Microsoft Teams? In a collaboration project with TeacherCast, we have created a few handy dandy tutorial videos. Below is a link to 3 videos from our first series of Teams tutorials. Be on the lookout for another series coming soon!

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