Wakelet Wednesday

So… are you riding the Wakelet wave yet? If not, grab your surfboard and catch the wave today!

What is Wakelet you ask? It is the easiest tool I have seen for curating, creating, and sharing content online. I know! That means a lot coming from a former nerdy librarian. 🤓

You can save and organize:

  • Tweets
  • Websites
  • Videos
  • Online Documents
  • And More!

The ways to utilize this ed-tech tool are limitless! Why? You can create and share curated content easily, you can customize it, add collaborators, and choose from multiple content formats to save.

For the classroom your students can use this tool to learn how to curate content, to create portfolios, for research, to collaborate with a peer, for formative assessment, and more. Check out this playlist of videos to see how other teachers are using this tool in their classrooms.

Stay tuned for future blog posts on how we are using Wakelet at EMS ISD!

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