The Inclusive Classroom

When you hear the term inclusive classroom, you may have a few of these thoughts…

  • Impossible
  • Differentiation for all
  • Just a buzz word
  • I want this
  • How?

Well… Have we got a show for you! Watch this episode of the The Jenallee Show to see what the AMAZING✨Mike Tholfsen✨ has to say about creating the inclusive classroom with Microsoft’s OneNote.

Video Highlights

This video was full of empowering goodness! I love how Microsoft is empowering all people to own their learning with Learning Tools.

  • Text, Word Documents, PDF’s, & images read aloud to students
  • Audio Testing
  • Speech to text with Dictation
  • Replay – replays white board instruction
  • Math Tools – Shows students step by step directions for solving problems
  • Draw tool

These are just a few of the amazing features avaiable for your students in Microsoft products. These are great for ALL students not just students with learning disabilities. They are not only available in OneNote, but across the Microsoft Suite! Check it out 👇

Want to learn more? Be sure to check out these amazing resources. 👇

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