Adobe Spark

Do you wish you could create beautiful, creative online designs?

We all do! Some of us are more gifted than others. Some of us understand font combinations and know how to arrange content that is appealing and eye catching.

👆Those people amaze us!🤩

Now, let’s be honest.

Some of us are not gifted.

Some of us can’t design eye appealing font combinations. Some of us struggle with creating modern, pretty designs.

Well… Never fear! Adobe Spark is a suite of apps that provides ALL people the ability to design beautiful creations. If you are talented at creating beautiful online designs, Adobe Spark is for you. If you are not talented at creating online designs, Adobe Spark is for you!

I know you probably don’t believe me, but trust me. It is user friendly and your creations will look amazing!

3 Design Options

👉Adobe Graphic

Here are the highlights:

  • Templates
  • Font design options
  • Free photo background images
  • Easily share with social media and a share link

Ideas for using Adobe Graphics in your classroom:

#1 Social media post vs. poster: This offers your students the ability to share the graphic through an LMS, Teams, SeeSaw, Padlet, OneNote, etc. to receive immediate feedback from peers, parents, grand parents, and more.

#2 Summary: Students can create a graphic summary for conent.

#3 Attributes: Students can share graphic with visuals of attributes.

#4 Teacher use: Graphics for announcements, newsletters, websites, and printed material.

👉Adobe Video

Features include:

  • Templates
  • Free photo backgrounds
  • Insert text, photo, & video
  • Record Audio
  • Music
  • Themes
  • Customize timing

Ideas for using Adobe Video in the classroom:

#1: Explain or justify concepts with audio, video, and photos.

#2 Create a commercial.

#3 Share writing with photos and audio.

#4 Teacher use: Create instructional videos & share easily with a link.

👉Adobe Page

Features include:

  • Free Photos
  • Insert text, video, photo, button, etc.
  • Share with link
  • Set sharing settings
  • Design options
  • Simpy beautiful 🌟

Ideas for using an Adobe Page in the classroom:

#1 Create a website advertising content vs. a brochure. It becomes a relevant product for students.

#2 Create student portfolios.

#3 Explain or justify content.

#4 Teacher use: Create a beautiful newsletter. Share easily with a link.

Learn More 👇

Check out our friend Claudio Zavala’s blog. He offers great tutorials and information about many different edtech tools, but we admire his Adobe Spark posts!

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