OneNote Audio Tests

#Jenallee recently interviewed the amazing Emily Killen! She shares how she saw a need, found a solution, and empowered teachers with OneNote!

Within Eagle Mountain – Saginaw ISD we have 27 schools, 13 of which are elementary campuses. One requirement of our teachers is to test our students with District Common Assessments (DCAs) at least 4 times a year. In serving our district, we noticed that teachers on each elementary campus were recording their own audio tests to accommodate their students. This is a great resource for our students to have instead of requiring them to individually read or to ask them to raise their hands. However, there was one thing as an evident need…

👉 A Universal DCA Audio Recording

This offers our teachers three major benefits:

  1. Every student in the district with this accommodation is using the same audio test in the same platform.
  2. This saves every teacher time!
  3. Every student is receiving their accommodations in a quality tech environment.

The Solution

OneNote 🎉

Emily made dreams a reality! We looked at the number of tests and realized that it is possible to record the tests for the teachers in an edtech tool that is universally known in our district… OneNote!

That is exactly what Emily did! She uploaded each test into OneNote and recorded herself reading the test. OneNote is simply #onederful and allowed Emily to easily share the notebook with every K-5 teacher! 💥Boom!

Teams 💯

It gets better! Emily even made a Wakelet of directions for how to share this test with students. This is where Microsoft Teams and OneNote become magical together ✨ Our students each have a Team created with our SIS! Teachers can easily set up a class notebook to share their audio tests with their students.

Check out Emily’s Wakelet 👇👇👇

We know you thought it couldn’t get any better, but it does! One piece of feedback we received from some teachers is that they use the iPads for testing and would love a quick way to access the tests. They do not use Teams or OneNote regularly with students and found this to be a little tedious for them. Well… have no fear, OneNote is versatile and we can make that happen!

The Solution

QR Codes 🤳

OneNote offers links for their sections and pages, making it easy for us to share these audio tests with all teachers and students in the form of a QR code!

Check out this episode of The #Jenallee Show to learn more!

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