What comes to mind when you hear the word TUTORIAL? 🤔A tutorial can come in many forms. We often think of a tutorial as a step by step how-to document that walks you through a process ie: a one pager, or maybe you think of a YouTube video 📲. We often hear the term “tutorial” in a conversation between a student and a teacher. “Come to tutorials tomorrow, please.” Or maybe we tell our own personal children to attend tutorials to learn a new concept or review a topic that will be on an upcoming test. Tutorials can come in many forms.

Dictionary.com defines tutorial in regards to people and computers.

Regardless of how you define tutorial we wanted to offer you a few options. We feel that people learn in many different ways. Some prefer a written copy of instructions, others enjoy watching or listening to a video or podcast, while many others prefer a one on one in person “hand-on” small group session.

Almost two years ago we started a vlog because we saw a need to address questions that teachers were having. We figured that if one teacher had that question than surely others had the same question. We were in hopes that our show would directly impact our EMS ISD teachers, but we also wanted to make a bigger, more global impact through social media.🌎 And we have definitely done that.

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Last year we also started using OneNote to organize our content. This worked great because we were able to continue to add to the notebook and the link that we had shared would automatically be updated. Here is an example of what that looks like. We love using OneNote for our organization platform. It makes sharing information so easy.

A few months ago, we started this blog in hopes to reach an audience that prefers printed information. It has been a great way to be able to express our thoughts and ideas in written form.

Most recently we started creating tutorials in Wakelet. Wakelet is the perfect way to deliver information to teachers, students or any audience for that matter. You can easily upload text, links, pictures, PDF’s, and videos to any Wakelet. You can even add contributors so that more people can edit the collection and sharing is super easy! Just click “share” and see how easy it is…

We hope that you have found a way to learn that best suits you, either through video, blog, OneNote, or Wakelet. It is important that as educators we are able to access information efficiently when we need it, like a “My Time PD”. Not only that, we also need a community to learn from, a Personal Learning Network (PLN). We hope you will join our PLN and learn, share, and grow with us as we perfect our teaching practices.

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How to create Tutorials in Wakelet
The #Jenallee Collection of Wakelet Tutorials

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