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BETT is one of the largest educational technology conferences in the world! This year over 34,000 people attended this amazing conference. Educators from over 146 countries in the global education community were represented at BETT. Being one of the first conferences of the year, BETT is hosted in London, United Kingdom. It is an inviting conference for educators from all over the world because it is:

  • FREE for attendees
  • Offers a great location
  • Global audience
  • Offers a huge, gigantic, really big vendor floor for exploration
  • Sessions in booths and in platinum suites
  • Beginning of year product releases

BETT Presentations

We (Jeni Long and Sallee Clark 👉aka. Jenallee) had the opportunity to share Microsoft Teams and OneNote with attendees in our learning area in the Microsoft Booth.

At the top of the hour, every hour we shared some of our favorite Teams and OneNote features including:


  • Me/We space
  • Channels
  • Posts
  • + Tab
  • Assignments
  • Grades Tab
  • Insights
  • Rubrics


  • Formats: App, 2016 version, iOs, Android, online, Teams
  • Immersive Reader
  • Draw tab
  • Math Tools
  • Forms quiz
  • Replay

Some of our favorite features we presented from Microsoft Teams include the new Grades tab and Rubric Grading. From the Grades tab you can see all of your assignments, easily enter grades, or view student work with one click. Not only that, if you attached a rubric, you can simply click and grade as you view and comment on the returned work. Want to leave feedback? Leave a comment in the same window. This is great for students and teachers; students know what the expectations are for their work during the entire assignment and teachers are able to grade student work with efficiency all within Microsoft Teams.

Immersive Reader in Microsoft OneNote is a life changing piece of technology! We were honored to share how this tech offers users the ability to have any typed text, pdf, or image read to them. The voice is human and not robotic, and you can customize the reading pane: background color, font, line focus, picture dictionary, and even translations! That’s right! Immersive Reader will translate your entire document or individual words into your choice of 60 different languages! It will even read the document to you in many of these languages. We know you don’t believe us, or you can’t even imagine what we are trying to explain in this article. So… we think it is best explained by the product manager himself, Mike Tholfsen in this 90 second video!

Learning Tools are available in more than just OneNote. Check out the Microsoft applications that offer Immersive Reader.

One of the things we love about Microsoft is that they are seeking to empower everyone on the planet to do more, and to do that they have shared Immersive Reader technology with edtech companies. Check out these third party applications that offer Immersive Reader to its users!

Want to see the features we shared with the BETT attendees in action? Check out these quick tutorial videos! Scan the QR code to view them on your mobile device or view the playlist below.

What’s New in MicrosoftEDU

One of the best parts of attending BETT is that MicrosoftEDU releases their newest features for the year! There were so many amazing features released this year. Jenallee was honored to share the latest updates coming to PowerPoint. Check out Live Presentations in the BETT episode 1 of Microsoft’s What’s New in MicrosoftEDU!

Updates came to Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Microsoft Whiteboard, Edge, PowerPoint, and more! Check out these What’s New in EDU videos to get all of the details!

MIEExpert Community

We have been so fortunate to have a personal learning network (PLN) within the Microsoft Community. When educators earn 1000 Microsoft online training points, they can become a Microsoft Innovative Educator.

As an MIE, educators have access to

  • A huge collection of Microsoft online training courses
  • Lesson plans and collaboration projects
  • Connection to thousands of educators around the world who want to connect digitally with Skype
  • Online community via Twitter

As an MIE you also have the opportunity to become an MIEExpert. These are educators who are active in the community and want to share these amazing edtech tools with the world. To become an MIEExpert, MIE educators submit an application showing evidence of how they are connected and active in the community and show how they are sharing Microsoft tools with others.

As an MIEExpert, teachers have access to the amazing resources above and more:

  • Microsoft Travel program: where educators attend a conference and present a Microsoft tool. Microsoft will pay for the travel expenses of the conference (you have to apply and they select only what the budget can handle and no more than 2 a year per person)
  • You are in the know! You get to learn inside information about new releases.
  • Focus Groups where individuals ask and answer questions and share how they are using the products in their classrooms.
  • You become part of a community of educators who care, help, and support each other online and in person. The #MIEExpert community is the best PLN we have ever been connected with offering us friends, opportunities, collaborations, support, and so much more.

Check out The Jenallee Show BETT2020 Episode to hear from these amazing #MIEExperts!

Thank you BETT

We had such a wonderful experience at this conference and we are thinking this may have to be a yearly conference we attend. It offered us new connections with educators around the world and within our existing PLN, we were able to see the latest releases, and share some of our favorite Microsoft tools with this global community.

Looking for more resources and information about BETT? Click the image below to view our Wakelet! It is full of information about our presentations, MIE information, and BETT announcements.

Scan to view the Jenallee BETT Wakelet on your mobile device.

Scan this 👉code to view the What’s New in EDU YouTube playlist.


Jeni Long and Sallee Clark are Instructional Technologists with Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD. This dynamic duo, known as #Jenallee, is passionate about technology integration and making learning accessible & fun for all! Between the two of them, they have presented across the 26 schools in their district, at their Regional Education Service Center, FETC, TCEA, TCEA for Tots, & Central America. They are both MIE Experts, MIE Trainers, Ed to the Max Consultants, and Flipgrid Ambassadors. Jeni has served in education for 20 years as a 6th grade Math Teacher, 7-12 ELA Curriculum Specialist, Technology Integration Specialist and a Science Curriculum Specialist. Sallee has served in education for 14 years as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher, Elementary Librarian, K-12 District Librarian, & Instructional Technologist.


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