Wakelet Wednesday: Back-channel Discussion

As educators we love being able to offer our students the ability to ask questions at anytime during class, especially when the question occurs. However, we are not always able to stop and go into the discussion as the question arises. Thank you to the great idea of back-channels! A place for students to ask questions when they think of them, and for me as an educator to be able to come back and answer them, if we did not cover them throughout the lesson.

There are various apps available for this form of communication. We love the idea of using Wakelet for this purpose.

One of the best reasons for using Wakelet for a back-channel discussion is ease of access & use!

  • Students do not have to log in
  • It’s Free
  • Easy Access: QR Code or shortened link to access content
  • Add text, questions, links, docs or even a Flipgrid video

The Wakelet community is amazing and people are using this edtech tool in a million different ways! We are so excited to share with you @Erintegration’s Wakelet template that she provides for her students as a back-channel! It’s easy to understand and easy to use in your classroom.

Check it out!

Want to save this template and use it in your class?

Step 1: Copy the template

Step 2: Go to your collection and see the copy of the collection available for you to use! It is a copy, so you can change it to fit your classroom 😊

Explore more of @Erintegration’s temaplates!

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