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Check out these 5 ways to app smash Teams and Adobe Spark!

#1 Remix Assignment

Have you seen Adobe Spark Remix? It is amazing! Take any of your Adobe Spark creations and share them out as Remix links. This offers people the ability to take your creation and use it as a template to use when creating their own.


This means that you can create templates for your students to use as a starting place. Students can then utilize your link to remix the page and make it their own.

We love the idea of creating a template for students and then creating an assignment and attaching the remix link.

Check out this video from our friend, Claudio Zavala Jr. to see how to create a remix link.

#2 Teams Announcements

Create a Teams Announcement custom header with Adobe Spark!

Create a Teams Headline with Adobe Spark

Go to Adobe Spark and create a Spark Post
  • Use the custom dimensions  918 x 120 px
  • Download your creation
Go to your Teams Announcement
  • Select the image icon on the Teams header
  • Upload your Adobe Spark creation as your new Teams header 

#3 Videos

During remote learning we want our students to fully understand our lessons and the expectations of each assignment. Within Microsoft Teams, students can read content or have Immersive Reader read any typed text within Teams. We love this feature! It truly is an amazing accessibility tool that allows every student access to content. We also love the idea of teachers recording directions and lessons for their students. This offers students the ability to hear their teacher explain various concepts and understand detailed directions for them as well. This is huge.

Why not offer your students the ability to hear and see you give instructions with Adobe Spark videos? They are easy to make, well done, and integrate seamlessly into Teams! You can share your creations straight to Teams and your students can as well.

Add videos to your announcements, assignments, top tab and more!

#4 Teaching Materials

Create anchor charts and other teaching materials in Spark. We are huge fans of pretty creations. We as humans are drawn to attractive and engaging online content. Our students are the same. They enjoy learning from things that look appealing and engaging versus a page of typed text.

Why not create anchor charts and/or infographics with Adobe Spark! They are so easy to create. By utilizing a variety of graphics, icons, and pre-made layouts already created and available for you to remix, it is so simple to get started with Adobe Spark.

Add these creations to the top tab of Teams and make it easy for students to access your teaching materials at any time.

#5 Microsoft Whiteboard

Did you know that Microsoft Whiteboard is built right into Teams Meetings?

You can share images on the whiteboard for you and your students to annotate on, add to, and demonstrate concepts. Why not create templates, anchor charts, infographics, and more in Adobe Spark and then share these creations to Whiteboard during a Teams call with your class?!?

This is a great way to demonstrate concepts before assigning projects or assignments. In fact, after demonstrating concepts during the Teams call, share the remix link to the template in an assignment for students to utilize. We love this idea for modeling concepts and for offering students the ability to practice on their own.

We can’t wait to see how you will use Adobe Spark in Microsoft Teams!

Share your ideas and creations with us! Comment below, Tweet us, or send us an email.

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