Reunited for #FETC & #TCEA22

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We are back IN PERSON!!!

Oh my goodness! Being together and learning in person was such a joy! Seeing our friends in real life really did feel like a family reunion. We have missed learning in person, spending time with other educators face to face and meeting new friends at conferences.

Covid did change some things.

  • Masks were readily available
  • Online options or hybrid sessions were offered
  • Checking with friends before hugging or shaking hands

Even with these changes, being in person was such a wonderful experience.


We were so excited to connect with friends and meet new friends at FETC. Yep… we met new friends on the plane on the way from DFW to ORL.

Say hello to our new friend, Jaime Donally. Y’all! This educator is a ROCKSTAR!! If you are not following her on Twitter, stop now and go follow her! We loved learning about AR/VR from Jaime. Looking for a book to read about AR/VR? Check out Jaime’s book, The Immersive Classroom!

We also connected with our good friends The Merrill’s, Scott Bricker, & Jason Mocherman. It was so AWESOME to finally see our friends in real life again!! Jason was unable to attend the conference but drove 2 hours to come meet us for dinner! This is just one example of how the #MIEExpert community is a family. We love how we are educators and friends. We help each other out, drive two hours to visit, and of course stay connected online all year long.

One fun thing we learned and used throughout week was a Canva QR code! Instructional Technologist, Ainsley Hill. We enjoyed connecting with this educator. We learned how she shares and creates, while also sharing how we create and share our contact information with new friends!

👉Check out Ainsley’s tutorial for how she creates with Canva and Flowcode.

👉Check out this #Jenallee tutorial to see how we use Canva to create our contact info, create a QR code, and share our content.


We were honored to share 4 sessions with the participants of FETC!

Check out this Wakelet to view our presentations


As we began our TCEA journey, we thought it would be fun to film throughout our preparation and our experiences throughout the week. Check out this fun Wakelet of TikTok’s to join us on our TCEA22 journey!

Reunited with Friends

Okay y’all. We FINALLY got to see our freinds, the #etwinz! Alberto & Mario Herraez. Yes, they are twins and yes, they are from Spain. They teach a Spanish immersion class in Utah. We were so excited to reconnect with our friends and of course we loved learning from them as well! They presented multiple sessions at TCEA, including one with us! We presented Globally ConnectED sharing how to use Flipgrid and Teams to expand the walls of your classroom!

We also had a #MIEExpert meetup at The Gallery Rooftop Lounge at The Canvas hotel in Dallas, Texas. It was such a great time of reconnecting with friends and educators from all over the United States.


Loved seeing so many wonderful friends at the #MIEExpert Meetup at #TCEA22 💜#MicrosoftEDU

♬ Luxury fashion (no vocals) – TimTaj


We were honored to present 4 sessions at TCEA as well! With the last minute addition of Microsoft Teams and Reading Progress, a fun session to add to our agenda for the week, we had a blast sharing and presenting in Dallas.

TCEA 22 by salleeclark

The BEST part of TCEA was learning with our team! It was so great to attend TCEA with these AMAZING educators!


Jeni Long and Sallee Clark are Instructional Technologists with Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD. This dynamic duo, known as #Jenallee, is passionate about technology integration and making learning accessible & fun for all! Between the two of them, they have presented across the 26 schools in their district, at their Regional Education Service Center, FETC, TCEA, TCEA for Tots, & Central America. They are both MIE Experts, MIE Trainers, Ed to the Max Consultants, and Flipgrid Ambassadors. Jeni has served in education for 20 years as a 6th grade Math Teacher, 7-12 ELA Curriculum Specialist, Technology Integration Specialist and a Science Curriculum Specialist. Sallee has served in education for 14 years as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher, Elementary Librarian, K-12 District Librarian, & Instructional Technologist.


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