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Calling all fellow iPhone users! 📢

We have recently discovered a few new things and want to share them with you. These tricks help us work, communicate, and live life in this connected world! 🤳

3 iPhone Tips From #Jenallee

1️⃣ iPhone Markup

We have been using markup for a while now, however, we find ourselves using these two features frequently.

  1. Arrows
  2. Snap to shape

You might be asking “What is markup?”. Markup is a way to mark and annotate photos on your iPhone.

To access markup:

  • Click on the photo you want to edit
  • Click edit
  • Click the circled pen icon in the top right corner

Now you can edit the photo with ink 🎉

But there is more!

  • Arrows

To add an arrow click on the plus button and select the arrow! Now you can move or resize the arrow anywhere on the photo! Whoop 🙌

  • Snap to Shape

When using the inking feature in markup, it can get sloppy. You can clean it up by inking your shape, long press, and watching it snap into shape! For example, I will circle part of a photo, long press, and voila… it will snap into a circle!

iphone tricks: markup by salleeclark

2️⃣ “Undo” on a Text Message

We all love the ctrl z shortcut on the computer to undo something we just did. It is always frustrating on your phone when you do something, mess up, and then can’t undo it! 😫 This happens to us all the time! Well, one day, Sallee accidentally deleted a long text she had written 😠 She did NOT want to re-write everything again, so she jumped on Google and searched for an answer… and yep, there is an undo on the iPhone! Who knew?!?

Take three fingers, double-tap the screen, and check out the options! 😲

Yep! There is an undo option, cut, copy, paste, and redo! 🎉

We posted this aha moment on TikTok and learned another way to undo… simply shake your phone! Boom 💥 So easy!

iphone tricks: undo by salleeclark

3️⃣ Restrict Apps with Screen Time

Now, this does not sound like a fun one… and you might be saying, “I would want to do this!” However, we have found ourselves needing this feature.

Here are two examples of how we have used Screen Time:

  • Our kiddos are on their phones WAY too much and we need to restrict their time on apps
  • We want to self-regulate and use Screen Time to help us not stay on an app too long throughout the day. (Sallee needs this for TikTok & Jeni for Instagram)

Here’s how to limit specific apps:

  • Open settings
  • Click on Screen Time
  • Click on App Limits
  • Add a limit to a particular app

Here’s how to ensure you have downtime and can turn apps off:

  • Open Settings
  • Click on Screen Time
  • Click on Downtime
  • Create a schedule of time to turn off the apps

Both of these are great ways to limit app usage for your kids or to help you self-regulate your own usage.

iphone tricks: Screen time by salleeclark

We hope these tips will be helpful for you as you use your iPhone!

We would love for you to share with us tips or tricks you find most helpful for you as you navigate life on your phone!

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Jeni Long and Sallee Clark are Instructional Technologists with Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD. This dynamic duo, known as #Jenallee, is passionate about technology integration and making learning accessible & fun for all! Between the two of them, they have presented across the 26 schools in their district, at their Regional Education Service Center, FETC, TCEA, TCEA for Tots, & Central America. They are both MIE Experts, MIE Trainers, Ed to the Max Consultants, and Flipgrid Ambassadors. Jeni has served in education for 20 years as a 6th grade Math Teacher, 7-12 ELA Curriculum Specialist, Technology Integration Specialist and a Science Curriculum Specialist. Sallee has served in education for 14 years as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher, Elementary Librarian, K-12 District Librarian, & Instructional Technologist.


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