Adobe Spark Play #1: Hyperdoc

Grade: 9th Grade – 12th Grade  

Apps Used: Teams, Adobe Spark, OneNote  

Teams Integration: Teams Assignment & Teams Top Tab 

Lesson Idea: 

Communism Vs. Capitalism 

Students will study the Cold War and see the geopolitical changes overtime. They will determine how to improve our time stamp within capitalism. 

  1. Students will work through the Adobe Spark Page Hyperdoc.  
  1. Through this lesson cycle they will learn and explore content regarding the Cold war. They will discover the difference between communism and capitalism.  
  1. They will determine how to better our capitalist society through creating their own company, selecting a product to sell, and then offering a benefit back to society.  
  1. They will then pitch their company to their classmates. Students will select one company to represent their class based on how that company will better capitalism in America.  
  1. The selected project will be shared with a local business owner to see if the stakeholders will still profit while also helping society.  

Adobe Spark Pages makes it easy to create visually engaging Hyperdoc for students to use in the classroom. Within this lesson, students use Adobe Spark Pages to create their own business website for this collaborative project.  

Jenallee Sports Center:  

Here is a copy of this Adobe Spark page.

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