Adobe Spark Play #2: Anchor Charts

Grade: 3rd Grade – 12th Grade  

Apps Used: Teams & Adobe Spark 

Teams Integration: Teams Assignment 

Lesson Idea: 

During remote learning we have learned that watching videos, taking notes, and answering questions can quickly become monotonous. To bring about engagement, ask your students to create their own anchor charts! 

Steps to creating your own Anchor Chart in Adobe Spark Posts: 

  1. Log in to Adobe Spark  
  1. Create a new Post by selecting a template  
  1. Insert your content 
  1. Send to Teams (Students can send this creation to a Teams Assignment or to a post in Teams.) 

Jenallee Sports Center: 

Scaffold this lesson by providing students with a template. You can pre-create the template you want your students to use in Adobe Spark Post and then share the remix link with your students. Check out this video tutorial by the amazing Claudio Zavala to learn how to remix your creations. 

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