Adobe Spark Play #3: YouTube Channel Art

Grade: 3rd Grade – 12th Grade   

Apps Used: Teams, OneNote & Adobe Spark  

Teams Integration: Teams Assignment 

Lesson Idea:  

Create your own “YouTube Channel” with Adobe Spark and OneNote! All adobe Spark creations embed into OneNote. Simply copy the share link and paste it into a OneNote page. Create your own “YouTube Channel” by creating channel art for the top of the OneNote page and then as you learn throughout the year, unit, or lesson, create video reflections, explanations, how to’s and more. Paste the Adobe Spark video links into the OneNote YouTube channel and students can build a safe and secure video learning platform.  

Channel Art:  

Utilize the Adobe Spark Post template for creating YouTube channel art.  

  1. Students will log in to Adobe Spark  
  1. Use the search bar at the top of the page and search for YouTube Channel art  
  1. Edit the template of your choice 
  1. Download the PDF or copy the publish link  
  1. Insert the PDF in OneNote or paste the publish link in OneNote  

Video Creation: 

Create videos with Adobe Spark for your OneNote YouTube Channel 

  1. Students will log in to Adobe Spark. 
  1. Click the blue plus button and select video 
  1. Enter your title 
  1. Then Select a story template 
  1. Create your video by adding text, video, audio, and/or icons 
  1. Click Publish and copy the link 
  1. Past the publish link in OneNote  
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