Adobe Spark Play #4: Podcasts

Grade: 4th Grade – 12th Grade   

Apps Used: Teams, Adobe Spark Video & Flipgrid Group  

Teams Integration: Teams Assignment & Teams Top Tab  

Lesson Idea:  

Foster a love of reading with book reviews! Students can review their current reads with Adobe Spark video. Spark offers your students video creation tools including music, slides, and audio options.  


Create a Flipgrid Group with topics of the book genres of your choice. Add this Flipgrid Group to a Top Tab in your Team. Students can go to the Teams top tab and upload their video to the appropriate genre. Students can also go and listen to different podcasts for each genre to get inspired for their next read.   


  • Create a script of 3 questions for your students to answer regarding their current book.  
  • Utilize Edge to read the questions and utilize Dictation in Word, OneNote, or Teams to answer the questions. 
  • Interview peers who have also read their selected book  
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