The Microsoft Teams Playbook

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What do classrooms look like when students are empowered with learning opportunities that stretch them to be their personal best?

  • Lessons are intentionally designed to make learning accessible and relevant.
  • Students have opportunities for agency and ownership of learning.
  • Teachers are willing to evaluate what isn’t working and make changes as needed
  • Educators use tools, like Microsoft Teams, to engage all learners.
  • Putting students first builds relationships that enable them to thrive

What is the HYPE all about??

The eTwinz, Alberto & Mario Herraez, International speakers and Global Teachers


“We recently had the good fortune of reading this book and we both agreed it is a book that should be a must for educators and coaches. It is a well-written book, easy and fun to read, and full of resources and tips to improve your practice. Thank you Jeni and Sallee for helping educators around the world.”

Ann Kozma, Educator Innovation Lead, Flipgrid


“Jeni and Sallee have written a modern Teams playbook and share top tips and strategies to help you empower teaching and learning in new ways! Throughout The Microsoft Teams Playbook, you will gain insights and ideas that help level up your skills with tools like Microsoft Teams, Whiteboard, PowerPoint, Flipgrid and more. This dynamic duo, aka #Jenallee, not only delivers an inspiring message to help get you mentally prepared, they deliver a whole bunch of awesome play-by-play directions and coach you with best practices to make learning more inclusive, interactive, accessible and engaging for all. Tighten your laces and jump right in — you’ll be glad you did!”






Jake Miller, Teacher, Author, Podcaster, Speaker


“Teaching in today’s technology-enhanced schools is like being the underdog in the championship game. But don’t worry, with this book you’ve got two great coaches–Jeni and Sallee–who will emPOWER you with a game plan that includes accessible, equitable, and relationship-focused pedagogical practices. With the dozens of EdTech examples and lesson ideas in this book, my money is on you hoisting that championship trophy!”

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