Buncee Play #2: Interactive Buncee Games

Grade: K – 12th Grade 

Apps Used: Teams & Buncee 

Teams Integration: Teams OneNote Notebooks, Teams Top Tab 

Embed rolling dice and create Bunce Roll Games!  

Create games to practice math skills, vocabulary, sight words, retelling or creating a story. Embedding dice into Buncee makes station work feasible in a digital space. Have the students complete the work and add it to a Buncee board for easy review of station work completed.  

Buncee sorting and matching games!  

Utilize moveable features in Buncee to play sorting and matching games. This has been a big request from remote teachers. They want students to be able to sort, match, and categorize content easily.  Buncee makes it easy for students to manipulate content and for the teacher to see their progress. We love the pre-made sorting games available in the Buncee Ideas Lab!  

Send these learning games to your students as a Teams Assignment by using the Buncee Share Social button.  

Coaches’ Corner:  

Click here to access editable templates for dice games and other daily work activities that you can copy and use.