Grade: K – 12th Grade 

Apps Used: Teams & Buncee 

Teams Integration: Teams Top Tab 

Get inspired by the Buncee Ideas Lab! Find premade lessons, breakouts, and community driven boards to help inspire your classroom learning activities.  

  • Join the Buncee community of educators and classrooms to work together to make a change, to encourage others, and to connect with classrooms around the world.  
  • Find pre-made drag and drop activities for your students 
  • Find pre-made breakouts 
  • I-Spy games 
  • Tons and tons of searchable lesson ideas 

Jenallee Sports Center:  

Scan this QR code to see how to locate and use the ideas lab content. Also receive a curated list of some of our favorite lessons, boards, and games created by this amazing community {QR code to site} 

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