Canva Play #3: Canva Hyperdoc

Grade: 3rd – 12th Grade 

Apps Used: Teams, Canva, Adobe Spark, Flipgrid 

Teams Integration: Teams Top Tab, Teams Assignment, Teams Post 

Lesson Idea:  

As you know by now… we are huge fans of Hyperdocs!  And yes, we have created a Hyperdoc using the same framework from Lisa Highfill’s website,, within a Canva presentation. It was easy peasy to create! We simply selected the template we wanted and then we inserted our content.  

Canva presentations are beautiful, easy to create, and they match the theme of my virtual classroom.  

Here are the steps for using these Canva Hyperdocs in Teams: 

  1. Create Hyperdoc Canva presentation 
  1. Click on Share  
  1. Copy view link 
  1. Go to the channel you wish to house the Hyperdoc 
  1. Add a top tab at the top of the channel by clicking the plus button  
  1. Add a website and paste the view link  

Tada! The Hyperdoc is now in your Team and it is interactive!  

Coaches’ Corner:  

Click here to access a Canva Hyperdoc template that we collaborated on with our friends, Alberto and Mario Herraez, the #eTwinz.  

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