Canva Play #4: Digital Worksheets

Grade: 3rd – 12th Grade 

Apps Used: Teams, OneNote, & Canva 

Teams Integration: Teams Top Tab, Teams Assignment, OneNote Class Notebook 

Okay… let’s be real. We all love the cute, adorable digital worksheets we see online. We buy them, we use them, we share them with our friends, and we all oohh and awe over them! Guess what!?! You have now found the treasure trove of digital worksheets. It gets better… they are FREE… and they are editable! Yaaaassss! 

There are a few ways to view these templates in Canva: 

Step 1: Go to and apply for an education account. After being accepted, you will receive an email with more information.  

Step 2: Now you will see new sections and suggestions appear. Our favorite section is Trending Education Templates.  

Step 3: To locate Education tools like Worksheets, click the down carrot beside Templates along the top left menu bar, then click Worksheets under Education.  

Step 4: Enjoy perusing these templates!  

Step 5: Select the template you like, now you can edit the template, share, or download the worksheet. 

We have 2 suggested ways of utilizing Worksheets in Canva and Teams: 

  1. Canva Video Recordings 
  1. OneNote Class Notebooks 

Canva Video Recordings 

After finding the worksheet of your choice, you have the ability to customize the worksheet with the content and images you would like, or leave it the way it is. When you are done editing, you can send this template directly to Teams as an Assignment or Post. The students will open the template and edit the worksheet within Canva. When they are ready to justify their thoughts and learning they can click the three dots in the top right corner and click present and record. This allows them to record a video while explaining their work. 

OneNote Class Notebooks 
We think one of the best practices for using worksheets in Teams is to insert the printout in OneNote and then assign the OneNote page.  

Students can: 

  • Use the draw tool for students to easily annotate, answer, and write on the worksheet. 
  • Use the audio tool to have your students record and explain or justify their thinking. 
  • Easily type answers on the document 
  • Add anchor charts, videos, images, insert Flipgrid and other resources to enhance this formative assessment piece 
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