Canva Play #2: Canva Live Back Channel

Grade: 3rd – 12th Grade 

Apps Used: Canva 

Teams Integration: Teams Top Tab, Teams Assignment, Teams Post 

Lesson Idea:  

You can now go LIVE in Canva! Open your presentation in and then click on the three dots and click on Present. Now your students can communicate with you through chat. Students can ask questions or answer questions from the Canva Live share link or code!  

As you present your content on the screen in your classroom or in your Teams Meeting students have access to a chat option. They can ask questions anonymously or they can enter their name. There is no sign in required for this feature, so this makes asking questions throughout a direct teaching moment easy.  

Coaches’ Corner:  

You can hide the comments at any time. You also have the ability to delete comments!  

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