3 Tips for Remote Learning Series: How to Remotely Connect with your Elementary Students

We know that right now there is a ton of information out there about how to organize, create, and implement remote learning. As Instructional Technologists, we love all of these conversations! They are invaluable to educators as they look into creating these learning environments for their students. However… all of this content may be information overload for some of you. We love that we have … Continue reading 3 Tips for Remote Learning Series: How to Remotely Connect with your Elementary Students

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3 Tips for Remote Learning

All over social media we keep hearing the buzz words “Remote Learning”. One thing we know is that buzz words warrant questions like: What does remote learning even mean? What tools do I use? How is it done well? How do I deliver content? What does remote learning look like for a Kindergarten student? How do I plan and instruct with high yield strategies in … Continue reading 3 Tips for Remote Learning

FETC 2020

Once again FETC didn’t disappoint! This year the conference stepped it up a notch and took the learning to the beach, Miami Beach that is ⛱ We couldn’t wait to bask in the sunshine, put our feet in the sand, enjoy some yummy Cuban food, but MOST off all we were looking forward to connecting, reconnecting and recharging. And we did it all! What a … Continue reading FETC 2020

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Minecraft Edu Tips & Tricks

Jenallee was honored with the opportunity to become Minecraft Trainers! Wow! Minecraft is simply amazing! It offers your students the ability to communicate, collaborate, create, think critically, code, and so much more! Over the past 2 days we have learned how to share this awesome edtech tool with teachers. That’s right, we are now Certified Minecraft Trainers! Not only that, we have the opportunity to … Continue reading Minecraft Edu Tips & Tricks