Did you know that you can create Channels in your team? Channels are a great way to differentiate and even break down the learning that is happening in your team. This allows you to create a type of “sub group” within your team. Channels are a great way to organize your content. What if you created a Channel for each grading period, unit of study, or topic you are teaching? Another good use of Channels is to create one for student chat or conversation simply because the general channel can become very cluttered with various posts. So in order to keep the chatter limited we suggest creating a channel specifically for this purpose. The possibilities are endless but we feel this is where the learning can really take off.  


When you click the ellipsis next to the Team name, you will have the option to add additional Channels. 

When you create your channel, you have the option to name your channel, give it a description, and also choose whether you’d like it to be a Standard or Private channel. Standard channels are accessible to everyone and a private channel is accessible to specific people in the team that you choose. This step is really where the differentiation comes in. 


A great friend of ours, Scott Bricker, uses private channels as breakout rooms.  He sets them up according to projects or groups for specific topics of study. Since he is the owner of the team, he has the ability to pop into any private channel that he chooses whenever he chooses. Each channel also has the ability to host a “meet now” meeting at any time. Think about that for a minute 🤔 If members of each channel are having their own meetings and the teacher can just pop in and facilitate the discussion…WOW! that’s just mind-blowing!  

Create student project groups (channels) in Microsoft Teams – Office Support

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