Flipgrid Play #2: Gridpals

Grade: K – 12th Grade  

Apps Used: Teams & Flipgrid 

Teams Integration: Teams Top Tab 

Lesson Idea: 

Looking for ways to connect your students with students from next door, in a neighboring district, in a different state, to students in a specific country? Then you are in the right place! Bring about global connections by utilizing Flipgrid Gridpals. 

Ideas for connecting: 

  1. Holiday traditions and customs 
  1. Mystery Skypes 
  1. Video/Pen pals 
  1. Social Studies and location connections 
  1. Reteaching concepts with a Gridpal class within your district on the same scope and sequence 
  1. Language acquisition  
  1. Social change 
  1. Sustainable Development Goals 
  1. Discovery Library topics  

Follow these quick steps for getting started 

  1. Log in to your educator Flipgrid account at Flipgrid.com 
  1. Click on Gridpals at the top of the page 
  1. Click on Active and fill out how educators around the world can connect with you. We suggest completing email and at least one social media connection, if possible. We connect with a majority of our connections through Twitter.  
  1. Watch the green plus signs fill the screen!  
  1. Search for the grade, subject, or location of a class you would like to connect with  
  1. Click on the green plus button and contact the educator 
  1. Share how you would like to connect and learn together 


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