Flipgrid Play #3: Discovery Library

Grade: K – 12th Grade  

Apps Used: Teams & Flipgrid 

Teams Integration: Assignment, Channel or Top Tab 

The Discovery Library is FULL of AWESOME lessons and connections! You will find over 30,000 topics created by the Flipgrid community. This is a treasure trove for all teachers who are looking for ideas or lessons that are ready to use topics. You can add them to your discussions, your groups, or add them to a collection. You can search the topics by keywords, subject, and audience.  

There are five distinct features that we want to share regarding the Discovery Library: 

  1. Pre-made lessons by educators  
  1. Pre-made lessons in partnership with other organizations 
  1. Connect with experts from around the world 
  1. Inspiring Creators 
  1. What’s trending 

Pre-Made Lessons by Educators 

There are thousands of searchable lessons by subject and audience. Find a lesson that fits your class and create your own topic with that lesson. Edit and then share with your students! Want to create your own library of your favorite topics? Yes, this is possible too! Click on My Library and create a collection of our favorite topics within the Disco Library.  

Have a lesson you want to share? Submit it and add your voice and ideas to this awesome collection of Flipgrid Topics. Click Submit a topic in the top right corner of the Discovery Library landing page. If approved, your topic will become a template for other educators to use.  

Pre-Made Partner Lessons  

Not only are there lessons made by educators, they also have partner topics as well. Just a few of their partners include Adobe, Buncee, Made By Dyslexia, Minecraft, Langston League, Genially, Globally Learning Week, and tons more! These partners have created topics for teachers specific to their product, relevant learning topics, or their special knowledge of various educational topics. Take some time and go explore these readymade learning resources.  

Connect with Experts from Around the World 

Want to connect with experts in various fields? What about going on a virtual field trip? Your hopes are now fulfilled, because this is offered through the Discovery Library as well! Simply search in the Discovery Library for partners that are related to your topic and schedule your virtual field trip today! Flipgrid also hosts live virtual field trips, which you can locate on the Flipgrid YouTube channel or by following the Twitter handle @FlipgridEvents.  

Inspiring Creators 

Explore Flipgrid’s list of Inspiring Creators. Click on one of these amazing educators and explore the topics they have submitted. We love that these are topics created by educators for educators!  

What’s Trending 

On the Discovery Library landing page, you will find so trending content. You will see a Topic of the Day, Wonder of the Day, and Trending Topics. Take a moment to explore what Flipgrid topics other educators around the world are currently using! 

Coaches’ Corner:  

Looking for LIVE fieldtrips, professional development, and interviews? Check out all of the pre-recorded Flipgrid Live events below!  

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