Flipgrid Play #1: Assessment

Grade: 2nd Grade – 12th Grade   

Apps Used: Teams & Flipgrid  

Teams Integration: Assignment, Channel or Top Tab  

Lesson Idea:  

Formative assessment makes Hyperdocs come to life! Use Flipgrid as a formative assessment tool. It is important that we as teachers know what our students are thinking so that we can ensure that we are teaching the right information. Using data from students’ exploration of the driving question, helps us tailor the instruction to fit their learning needs. Formative assessment drives our instruction. Flipgrid allows teachers to easily assess student thinking, and change or alter the direction of their instruction.   

We like to use choice boards in our explore sections of the Hyperdoc, with a Flipgrid topic embedded or linked so that it is easy for students to reflect.   

Create a Flipgrid Choice Board!  

  1. Create a Group of topics with content you want your students to explore. You can attach videos, documents, PDF’s, Wakelets, Nearpods, Newsela, Buncee, Adobe Spark and more to each topic.  

  1. After exploring the topics and the content, students can record their reflections. 
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