Flipgrid Play #4: Verbal Justification

Grade: 2nd Grade – 12th Grade   

Apps Used: Teams & Flipgrid  

Teams Integration: Assignment, Channel or Top Tab  

Lesson Idea:  

Offering our students, a place to voice their understanding of a concept is a huge learning moment coming to life! Being able to verbally explain a concept offers them the opportunity to find words to truly understand a concept. So many times, we ask our students to show their work, or answer a quick quiz question, or match definitions and vocabulary words, but do they truly understand their words, matches, or answers? The only way to know is to hear them say it or write it. Use Flipgrid to ask them to verbally justify their thoughts. It helps them learn the concept and place their understanding into words and you as the teacher can listen and see where you need to reteach. Allow students to watch each other’s videos to see different and unique ways to define and justify concepts that may be different than the way you explained it.   

  1. Station reflection  
  1. To explain a concept just taught  
  1. To explain their viewpoint on a topic and why they think this way  
  1. To explain the steps to solving a problem  
  1. To retell a story  
  1. To sort letters, shapes, or objects  
  1. To persuade others to understand their viewpoint 
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