Genially Play #4: Engaging Anticipatory Set

Grade: 3rd Grade – 12th Grade  

Apps Used: Teams & Genially 

Teams Integration: Assignment, Channel, Top Tab 


Students will engage with genially content to connect to previous knowledge and prepare their brains for new learning. 

Lesson Activity:  

  1. Students will engage with the Genially to connect their previous experience with the knowledge to the new concept being introduced. 

Lesson Details: 

Why not use a Genially game to connect to previous knowledge and introduce a new concept to your students? It is a fun and engaging way to introduce new information. You can even do a KWL Chart after the game to connect to new knowledge.  

In this example students practice their rounding skills in this Genially bowling game. It is short, fun, and a great way to extend our knowledge of rounding. Embed the Genially in a OneNote Assignment in Teams and ask students to use the number line to answer each question. Be sure to show your work.  

Now that they have been reminded on how to round using a number line, we can now take rounding to the next level with rounding decimals.  

What other ways would you use Genially to create engaging ways to connect with content? 

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