Genially Play #1: Breakouts

Grade: 3rd Grade – 12th Grade  

Apps Used: Teams & Genailly 

Teams Integration: Assignment, Teams Top Tab 

Lesson Idea:  

Genially makes it easy to create engaging digital breakouts! We like using breakouts in the classroom because students work together to demonstrate their knowledge of concepts represented in the Breakout. Each time they find answer they will unlock a new section of the Genially to complete. All of the transitions, games, and fun are built right in. You just need to enter your content. Fill in the questions, answer choices, and mark the correct answers… and you are done. Boom! This makes creating engaging content easier than ever. I bet you can guess what we are going to suggest next… That’s right embed this in a OneNote and ask students to show their thinking as they complete this breakout together.  

Another way to use this in Teams is to create private channels with student groups and add the Genially breakout as a top tab in the private channels. Students can work together in a Teams call to complete the breakout. Use the posts section to have students show their work. 

Lesson Activity:  

  1. Students will work together in teams to answer questions in the Genially Breakout to unlock the next section of the game. 
  1. Students will record their answers in OneNote or through Teams posts. 
  1. The team that completes the breakout first will receive the glory of being named breakout champion. 

Coaches’ Corner:  

Just a reminder, some of the templates require a subscription to use.  

Click here to see all of the games and Breakout Templates from Genially.  

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