Genially Play #2: Daily Practice

Grade: 3rd Grade – 12th Grade  

Apps Used: Teams, Genially and OneNote 

Teams Integration: Assignment, Channel, Top Tab 

Sometimes our students need daily practice of concepts like times tables, counting, and alphabet recognition. Use Genially to create games that can be played over and over again. This is a great way to practice math fact and/or reading fluency. We like to think of it as an online station rotation or digital folder games. You can create the ultimate online folder games with Genially. (We know you all love make and take workshops. Folder game creation workshops were the best!) You can place these games in channels as top tabs in Teams for students to access and practice skills daily within the Team.  

Genially does not collect student data, however students can screenshot their work or show their work in a OneNote page, as an assignment submission, or in a Teams Post. This is a great way to have students show their thinking on daily practice.  

What folder games are your favorite games to use in the classroom? Why not create these games in Genially. Make a list and then explore the templates available and see if any fit the type of game you like to use in your in-person stations. We don’t create these games for the sake of using technology but for creating content that is relevant and accessible to all students. 

Jenallee Sports Center: 

Click here to view a Wakelet of some of our daily practice Genially Games.

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