The eTwinz inspire us with their innovative teaching practices, use of Microsoft products, and their energy and passion for education is infectious! We collaborated and created this lesson for Adobe lessons in the Flipgrid Disco Library.  

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Our driving question for this lesson is “Can a person bring about global change with one small action?”  

Through exploring different resources students will collaborate to determine ways they can take one small action to bring about change globally. They will create a flyer showing their thinking in Adobe Spark. They will engage in conversation with others around the world in the Flipgrid topic and share their thoughts with the Adobe Spark graphic.  

Our editable Templates include both a weekly and daily schedule for examples of how to utilize this organizational & Instructional tool within your classroom.  

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Coaches Corner  

Use this link extension to ensure that the PowerPoint is in auto play mode in the Teams Top Tab – QR code to video 

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