And there is so much more! We want to break down Flipgrid a little more for you and show you why we love this app! 

When using Flipgrid you have 3 different video creation options: 

  1. Create a Topic 
  1. Create a Group 
  1. Create a Short 

1. Create a Topic 

When creating within Flipgrid, you have the option to create a topic. This means you can create a topic or prompt for your students to respond to with video.  

Students are able to upload pre-created videos or create their own videos in Flipgrid using the Flipgrid tools including whiteboard, emojis, draw, and video. 

As the teacher you can customize each topic’s details including recording time, emoji use, moderation, and more. You also have the ability to enable students to respond to each other with video.  

To share this topic with your students you can share a QR code to the topic or a link can be shared. 

 2. Create a Group 

One of the things we like about Flipgrid, is the ability to organize our topics into Groups. You can group topics by unit, class, topic, etc. This allows you to customize the student’s view and access to topics. You can also share out a link to the group for your students to see all of the topics in that group. The link automatically updates as you add or remove topics from the group. 

3. Create a Short 

Flipgrid Shorts is an awesome teacher tool! It allows you to record short videos (up to ten minutes long) for your students. You can record these videos using all of the recording features in Flipgrid, and share the videos with your students easily with a QR code, link, Teams, etc.  

Have you seen the power of Flipgrid Shorts & Microsoft Teams? Whoa Your mind is going to be blown! If that wasn’t amazing enough… Flipgrid just announced new updates, including screen recording with students! 


The Merrill’s Blog Post 

“Student voice is authentic and unique. When we were first introduced to Flipgrid we could immediately see this and understood how important and versatile this tool would be. When you give students the chance to speak and take ownership of their learning you will never be disappointed.” ~ The MerrillsEDU (Joe & Kristin Merrill @@themerrillsedu) 

Let’s take a look at 6 ways you can utilize Flipgrid Shorts within Teams to enhance your student’s learning! 


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