The Me space is the area along the left-hand side of the Team’s dashboard. We call this the “Me” space because it is all about me, myself, and I. In this space everything is mine. 

We start with the activity bell. Here you will see if someone has mentioned you in a post, an assignment has been returned with feedback, if you missed a call or various other activities you may be a part of. 

Next, we move to the chat icon. Here you will see any chat conversations that you have been a part of. What’s great about the chat area is that you can access these chats at any time. 

You also can see what teams that you are a member of by clicking on the Teams icon. 

Your calendar is also accessible from the We space. And this is connected to your Outlook calendar so you can easily see all of your meetings, appointments and even schedule straight from this calendar icon. 

Calls can also be made from the call icon. Here you will see your contacts, your call history and also access your voicemail. These items may or may not be available to you depending on the policy your district has in place. 

Files are accessible from the We space but these are YOUR files no one else’s. A lot of times users think that everyone has access to these files but that is not the case. These files are connected to your OneDrive. You can also connect other cloud storage here as well. 

Behind the three dots, there is always more! When you click on the ellipsis you will have the ability to customize additional apps that you may want to bring into your We space.  

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