Creating, attending and managing meetings is a critical component of using Microsoft Teams for distance learning or in a blended learning environment. Meetings allow everyone in a Team and even guests to participate in a conversation. Meetings include audio, video and screen sharing from anywhere at any time. This feature removes all barriers and provides real time communication and collaboration. Meetings have come a long way over the past few years. The user can now see many attendees in the meeting view, not just four people. The changes to meetings have been so essential as we have entered this new way of teaching and learning online. In addition, meeting options offer the host the ability to pre-set preferences that assign roles to the attendees such as who can bypass the lobby and who can speak and share screens. 

There are many viewing options for participants using video in a meeting. They can choose large gallery mode or together mode with various background scenes to choose from as well. Each individual can even choose whether to have their camera on or off, choose a specific background or video layout and even pin or spotlight the speaker,  

Meetings can be scheduled or impromptu with the “meet now” feature. If scheduling a meeting the host has the ability to set the date and time and even choose if it is a recurring meeting. Guests can also be invited to attend the meeting and meetings can even be scheduled in channels (but not private channels). 

Meeting links can also be used to broadcast events that might be happening on school grounds for parents and guests to view. Events such as spelling bees, talent shows, competitions, science fairs etc., are good examples of how meeting links can be used to connect your school community.  

Here we have created a Wakelet with directions to set up a Teams Meeting link for this purpose. The link also contains instructions for guests to view the live event.   

Check out this AMAZING playlist from Mike Thilfsen all about Microsoft Teams Meetings.

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