If you know us at all then you know that we are HUGE OneNote lovers! OneNote is an amazing tool that is built right into Teams depending on what type of team you have set up. A Class Team will automatically create a Class OneNote Notebook, a School Team will create a Staff OneNote Notebook, a PLC Team will create a PLC OneNote Notebook and an Other Team Team will allow you to customize what you add with the plus tab. 

One of the main advantages we see to using the OneNote built into the Team is that it is automatically created and the notebook will be created with a private section for every member of the team. Just a few short years ago, before we started using Teams, we would create a Class Notebook and have to enter each student individually into the notebook. We love that Teams does this for us now!  

If you haven’t set up your Class Notebook yet, you’ll be guided through a step by step process the first time you visit the Class Notebook tab. You can either create a blank notebook from scratch or copy content from an existing Class Notebook. We love that you have the ability to pull form already created notebooks! What a time saver! This is a very important step since you will want to customize what sections the students will have in their notebooks. It’s important to note that you can always distribute additional sections to their notebooks at a later time if you think of other sections that you would like to add. So, we definitely think less is more at the initial set up.  

Each time you create a new channel in a class team, a new section is automatically created in the Class Notebook’s Collaboration Space or Content Library. You as the owner get to choose the default location.  

Use OneNote Class Notebook in Teams – Office Support (microsoft.com)

“What about if we told you that you can have access to your notebook anywhere at any time? That is the power of OneNote Class Notebooks. On top of this, OneNote Class Notebook has wonderful features and capabilities such as digital inking or Immersive Reader that make OneNote what it is: The most popular online notebook”  Alberto & Mario Herraez #eTwinz (@eTwinzEDU)

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