OneNote Play #4: Hyperdoc

Grade: 3rd Grade – 12th Grade 

Apps Used: Teams & OneNote 

Teams Integration: Assignment, Teams Top Tab, Teams OneNote Class notebook 


Students will learn about the significance of the Industrial Revolution and identify the factors that made it a revolution, with a driving question to guide their learning through the lesson cycle.  

Lesson Activity:  

Students will use the lesson cycle (engage, explore, explain, apply, share/reflect, apply new knowledge, and extend) with the following activities: 

  1. Students will explore the Driving question: “Do you believe Covid-19 has created a new Industrial Revolution?”  
  1. Explore a choice board with a Flipgrid reflection 
  1.  Students will create a collaborative PowerPoint sharing the educational changes they want to keep from this revolution to share with the Assistant Superintendent.  

Lesson Details: As we mentioned earlier in the book, we love using Hyperdocs and they help us go through the entire learning cycle with our students while teaching, assessing, and challenging our students thinking. Take a look at this lesson as we learn about the Industrial Revolution within a OneNote Hyperdoc. Why in OneNote? Well… many education items embed into OneNote! This is beneficial because it is not a document with links that take us to external sites, yet external content is embedded into my OneNote notebook in Teams! Check out the template and videos for directions on how to set this up! 

In this example we explore the driving question: Is this the new Industrial Revolution?  

Coaches’ Corner: It is super important to have a driving question that is relevant and interesting, this is what students are going to exploring and learning about} 

  1. Engage: YouTube videos embed to help students easily connect and engage with content 
  1. Explore: Create choice boards with tables in OneNote. Hyperlink images to pages within your OneNote. Each page can interactive content embedded for students to explore while seeking the answer to their guiding question. Don’t forget to offer students a way to share what they have learned and want to know in OneNote audio, embedded Flipgrid prompt, or by responding to a Wakelet. (Remember this gives you direction on how you will direct teach the concepts to your students, so don’t skip this important step) 
  1. Explain: Direct Teach in a Teams call or face to face according to the assessment earlier 
  1. Apply: Have students share their view of the driving question and why they think what they think 
  1. Share and Reflect: In this example we added a little more to add in an authentic connection to the content. We interviewed our husbands… {Insert coaches note – connecting students with the real world makes it more personal and real!} about their views on if this is the new Industrial Revolution according to how things have changed in the business world. What changes do they see keeping as time moves on? Do they think it is the new Industrial Revolution? Why or Why not? 
  1. Apply New Knowledge: Now let’s connect this to a relevant aspect of their lives! Students create a collaborative PowerPoint in Teams with their peers sharing the changes they want to see continue in the future of education. They will be sharing why and how these changes can make schools more productive and beneficial during this new Industrial Revolution. They will then share this PowerPoint with our Assistant Superintendent. 
  1. Extend: They will also be encouraged to follow this conversation on twitter to see how schools are changing.   

Coaches’ Corner: Click here to access a variety of Hyperdoc templates and get more ideas like this. Also, check out the Hyperdoc Handbook.

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