OneNote Play #2: Reading Fluency in OneNote


Grade: 3rd Grade – 12th Grade  

Apps Used: Teams, OneNote, Word  

Teams Integration: Assignment, Channel, Top Tab 


Students practice fluency by reading along with immersive reader. 

Lesson Activity:  

  1. Teachers will insert a reading passage for the students. 
  1. The teacher will instruct students to set the speed of Immersive Reader to a specific speed. 
  1. Students will practice reading along with Immersive Reader. 

Lesson Details:  

Looking for a way to practice reading fluency? Why not have students read along with Immersive Reader! This is a great way to practice fluency and with a steady and accurate help. This would be a great activity for reading stations, for homework, with parents, or during reading time with the teacher.  

Here’s how to set it up:  

  1. Teacher inserts leveled reading passages into OneNote pages in Teacher Only Section and then distributes the leveled page according to student reading levels to student’s individual section in OneNote.  
  1. Student’s access their individual page in OneNote 
  1. Students click on View and then Immersive Reader 
  1. Students set the speed according to teacher directions 
  1. Students practices reading along with Immersive Reader 

Want to take it up a notch? Have the students use Flipgrid screen recorder to record themselves reading along with Immersive Reader! Whoop! Now the teacher can review these later to see improvement and use the comparison videos over time to encourage and share in student portfolios. (Yes, videos embed in OneNote!!) 

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