The Conversation tab in Teams appears in the General channel as well as in any other channel that you create in your team. All members can add to and view the posts in the channel. Conversations are different from chats because they are visible to everyone in a channel and not private. Documents shared in a conversation automatically become part of the Files tab in that channel.  

To begin a post message, select the New Conversation tab from any channel. 

To get someone’s attention in a channel conversation or a chat, @mention them. Just type @ before their name and then select them from the menu that appears. You can also @mention the channel name and everyone in the channel will be notified of the message.  

To begin a new conversation, select the format icon with the A to expand the editing box and you will see your text options. Use the tools to edit your post. We love that you have the ability to add an attachment, emojis, GIF’s, stickers, and even send Praise.  

One of our favorite features in the conversation tab is the ability to create an Announcement. When you click on the format to open the editing window, you will see the 📣Announcement option under “New Conversation”. Creating an announcement allows you to make a post that will stand out. You can even choose who can reply and also post in multiple channels so that everyone will be sure to see the message. 

Another one of our favorite features in announcements are the background options. You can choose from a variety of colors as well as super fun preset backgrounds like fire breathing dragons, disco balls, space, school themes OR even upload your own image. This is sure to get the attention of every member of your team. 

Announcements are so helpful when you want to send out a link to a meeting, an upcoming important date or even just a message that you want to make sure everyone receives. Be creative and have fun with this feature. It’s a Jenallee favorite! 

When you have finished composing your post, select the paper airplane icon to send your post or press Enter on your keyboard.  If you decide to edit or delete your post, select the More options  … icon. 

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