OneNote Play #1: Podcasts in OneNote

Grade: 3rd Grade – 12th Grade 

Apps Used: Teams, OneNote, YouTube, Flipgrid, Buncee 

Teams Integration: Assignment 

Objective: Students will be able to describe renewable and non-renewable resources and how our use of these resources effects our environment and economy.  

Lesson Activity:  

  1. Students will explore the driving question, “Is driving an electric car a viable solution to minimizing our carbon footprint?” 
  1. Students will brainstorm questions to ask an adult of their choice in order to see their opinion of the driving question. 
  1. Students will create their own podcast in OneNote interviewing an adult. 

Lesson Details:  

Why not use OneNote to create Podcasts! You can utilize the audio feature for students to record podcast information and verbal justification for their thoughts. Audio recording is built right into OneNote. Want to use a different application? No worries, YouTube, Flipgrid, Buncee, and more are embeddable as well.  

Why not share your driving question for your lesson and allow your students the enjoyment of interviewing others to discover the answer to the driving question while also comparing their findings to a non-fiction article or novel being read?  

Our driving question for this activity is fun and relevant “Is driving an electric car a viable solution to minimizing our carbon footprint?” Following California’s new law about electric car sales within the state, we will explore the benefits of electric cars versus traditional gasoline or diesel vehicles. During our explore section of our lesson cycle our students will be listening to podcasts, watching videos, and reading various non-fiction texts about non-renewable and renewable energy. After brainstorming questions, students will interview people to see what others think about the innovative idea of electric cars.   

Also, when thinking of relevant and actionable collaborations, think about some of the following ideas: 

  • Tweet Elon Musk and share your project 
  • Tweet the California Governor 
  • Tweet your Governor 
  • Write a letter to Elon, Ford, your mayor, your governor, etc 

To create a Podcast, students simply insert audio into OneNote. 

To insert an audio file: 

  • Click insert 
  • Click Audio 
  • It will automatically begin recording your audio  
  • Click stop to stop the recording 
  • The audio will automatically embed in the OneNote page 

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