Wakelet Play #1: Wakelet Hyperdocs

Grade: 3rd – 12th Grade 

Apps Used: Teams, Wakelet, & OneNote  

Teams Integration: Teams Top Tab, Teams Assignment, Teams Post, Teams Class OneNote Notebook 

Lesson Idea:  

Hyperdocs allow you to advance through the entire lesson cycle. Add content to your Wakelet with ease including videos, websites, articles, pdf’s, Flipgrid videos, and more!  

Create a Hyperdoc in Wakelet to use within your Microsoft Teams in three easy steps: 

  1. Add content and activities into a Wakelet by clicking the green plus button. Add websites, text, bookmarks, and more. 
  1. Add the Hyperdoc to your OneNote Class notebook (Yes it embeds!) or as a top tab in a Teams Channel.  
  1. Take it up a level by creating a Wakelet Space for this unit. Place all resources, activities, and the Wakelet Hyperdoc in this Space for your students to easily locate resources needed for activities. Add this Space as a Top Tab in Teams for students to access. (Quick Tip add Spaces as a website) 

Coaches’ Corner:  

Add YouTube videos to a Wakelet and they will play inside of Wakelet without ads! 

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