Wakelet Play #2: Teams Wakelet Back Channel

Grade: 4th – 12th Grade 

Apps Used: Teams, Wakelet, OneNote  

Teams Integration: Teams Top Tab, Teams Post, Teams Class OneNote Notebook 

Lesson Idea:  

Embed a Wakelet back channel or parking lot for questions into your Team. This allows for ongoing questions during your class meetings. Many times, as a lesson is in progress, questions arise. Instead of ignoring the questions, forgetting them, or not offering students a safe space for asking questions, educators can invite students to ask questions in a location that never changes. Add a Wakelet Collaborative link to a Teams Top Tab.  

How to locate the collaborative link: 

  1. Create your Wakelet Collection 
  1. Copy the link, code, or QR code to Invite contributors 
  1. Paste this link as a Top Tab in your Team or paste the link in your OneNote class notebook 

This makes questions and answers easy to access, view, and contribute to for both teachers and students. Questions can even be asked anonymously or with a name attached. 

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