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Bring AR into your Lessons with Paint 3D & Merge

You know… we have heard a lot about AR & VR in the classroom. However, we have had no idea how to even get started. Any of you out there feel like this? This is one reason we love our #MicrosoftEDU family! While on Twitter, we ran across our friend, Sarah Clark’s (@Sfm36) post about using Microsoft Paint 3D & Merge Object Viewer to share … Continue reading Bring AR into your Lessons with Paint 3D & Merge

Deck Toys & Microsoft Teams

As you know… Jenallee loves digital breakouts. We especially love them in OneNote! It is so easy to lock pages and create rigorous & engaging learning opportunities for our students. 👉Watch this episode of the Jenallee show to see how we use OneNote for Digital Breakouts! Okay, so why are we excited about Deck Toys then? Well, Deck Toys has a new button that allows … Continue reading Deck Toys & Microsoft Teams