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Microsoft Teams Meetings

We are loving Microsoft Teams Meetings so much, we can’t contain ourselves! We have to shout it out! Teams Meetings really does make the distance between you and your students not so far. In this blog post we are going to share our most frequently shared topics with our teachers. We will be looking at 4 different aspects of Microsoft Teams Meetings. What is a … Continue reading Microsoft Teams Meetings

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Microsoft Teams Parent Help Sheet Templates

As many of us are moving to a remote learning or distance learning environment, we not only have to learn how to operate with our students, but we must also equip our students and parents for a new learning adventure as well. In preparing for this new way of doing school, Jenallee has begun making help sheets! We think this is a great way to … Continue reading Microsoft Teams Parent Help Sheet Templates

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#Jenallee at TCEA

Jenallee loves TCEA! It is one of the best conferences we attend! In Texas fashion, TCEA is huge! There are a ton of sessions every hour, poster sessions that are full of amazing educators sharing their passions, solution circles, a vendor hall the size of Texas, and a community of educators sharing, collaborating, and learning from each other. As one of our favorite conferences, we … Continue reading #Jenallee at TCEA

BETT 2020

BETT is one of the largest educational technology conferences in the world! This year over 34,000 people attended this amazing conference. Educators from over 146 countries in the global education community were represented at BETT. Being one of the first conferences of the year, BETT is hosted in London, United Kingdom. It is an inviting conference for educators from all over the world because it … Continue reading BETT 2020